Message From Board of Directors

Development of your personality is indeed for your self-enlightenment. Your education is for your acknowledgement by others. With this perception in mind, Peak Solutions College was established in 2001.

Peak Solutions shoulders the responsibility of preparing the youth of today for tomorrow with groomed personalities and analytical minds. We are happy that you have decided to learn about us, you will soon discover that we are an unusal college offering quality degree and certification programs. We have developed our curriculum by consulting Academicians and Scholars of Science, Technology, Business and Commerce. Our team of highly qualified specialists and professionals ensures that our high quality in education is maintained at every step.

We develop our core curriculum from actual experience so that you can use tomorrow what you learn today. This is one of the reasons we view "Peak Solutions College" as a practice based college. We are offering relevant programs to students to turn them into dynamic and competent professionals, working in an increasingly complex and dynamic world of comprtition.

Board of Directors!

Dr. Syed Urfi Hashmi
MBA, Mphil, PhD(Aus)

Javed Iqbal
MBA, MA (Political Science)
Director Operation and Publications

Sheikh Muhammad Ali
Member B.O.D

S. H. Hashmi
Mcom, ACMA
Director Administration and Business Development

Mudassir Naeem Ch.
Managing Director

Syed Qayum Naqvi
MBA (HR), M.Phil (Scholar)
Member B.O.D

Mrs. Dr. Shabih-ul-Hassan
M.A (Urdu), M.Ed.
Director Schools

Muhammad Idress Yasir
MSc (Computer Science)
Member B.O.D